First Post of 2013


It’s one of those nights where I’m willing to do anything to not finish the story I have due tomorrow. Funny how I end up here because I personally never have much to say, or never much I want to say. My public persona’s been stale. I could say that my plan is to make a goal of being the opposite of that, but it’s kind of habit to be the opposite of that, as in, what I just mentioned, you know?

I’ll do what I can.

In the meantime here’s me nursing my oncoming cold with my new cat Bobsley. Higgins passed rather suddenly in 2012 and I was too sad to talk about it, because he was a cool ass cat and he was the first cat Jon and I had together and I was a mess and a wreck and then Christmas happened and because I work in retail that means that I put my Scrooge-face on. It’s taken a bit of time, but little manx Bobsley has kneaded the wounds a bit. I feel less incomplete with him around. And I can smile.

Also, I’ve been keeping steady in WAR2. There’s a loser’s bracket this time, so when I got knocked out in the fucking first round (Boo! Hiss!), it didn’t mean I was down for good. I’ve duked it out with friendly foes all the way to Round 4 and I’m supposed to be writing now, and, well, that kind of just circles right back to what I was getting at in the beginning of this post, so that’s probably a good sign that I should go back to my Open Office document…

<-------- Also, there's a new playlist of my recent favourite songs on the left!

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