Field Trip!: U-Pick Pumpkin Patch

It’s October, which means pumpkin spice coffee (in my case not of the Starbucks latte variety, but moreso of the flavoured coffee ground variety) and the occasional trip outdoors. This week I ventured out to a local pumpkin patch to get some festive gourds for future Halloween decorations. Like many hipsters, fall is my favourite season, but unlike many hipsters, fall has always been my favourite season since before fall being your favourite season was in. So there.

Nevertheless, it was nice to take some time out of my night-shift-ridden schedule to enjoy some of life’s finer moments. Granted, I haven’t done much in the way of writing, but while out at the pumpkin patch, there was a rather cool-looking barn that I thought could be the setting of a future story. Maybe two people have hot sex in there, or something.

FUN FACT! – According to the guy at the pumpkin patch, now is the optimal time to get your pumpkins before the frost starts kicking in. Pumpkins kept indoors with their handles still intact will hold their wondeful pumpkin-like awesomeness for 80 days.

Here are some shots:


Rachael hunts out the perfect gourd:



Myself and Louise:


We also drove up and around the Tranquille area a little. There were cows, particularly this mother and baby cow. Granted, this photo is a bit too dreamy for my tastes, but this is what it actually looked like:


October is magical as shit.

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