About Rebecca

I was born in Vancouver, but moved to the sunny interior of Kamloops, British Columbia before I even had the chance to foster any hatred for the rain. Ever a shy child, I managed to find solace in writing. It allowed me the chance to express myself and gave me reason to stand in front of my class and read my stories aloud.

After graduating, I took a year off school and work to write. My so-called “Hiatus Year” proved to be a dud, as I spent most of my mornings drinking entire pots of coffee with the hope that the caffeine would help me write. (It didn’t!)

I went to college with the intention of getting a degree in Journalism in 2006, however, I dropped out in my second year when my Creative Writing class became the only one I ever went to. Then joined Chuck Palahniuk’s “Write Club” (now Lit Reactor) where I refined my craft through online writing classes, small groups, and networking with like-minded writers.

In 2012, I won LitReactor’s first unofficial WAR writing competition. The following year I made the “final 8” in WAR II. Compiling the stories I’d written during both competitions, I created first collection of dark and salacious short fiction, Vile Men, which was released in the October of 2015 from Dark House Press.

My short stories have been published in PANK, Pulp Modern, Punchnel’s, Pantheon, Out of the Gutter and Pulp Metal Magazine, as well as The New Black, and Exigencies anthologies.

I currently live in Kamloops, British Columbia with my husband, and children.

Some of my favourite things include politics, retro fashion, mid-century style, reading V.C. Andrews books, taking baths and burning seasonally-appropriate scented candles. When I’m not writing or working my middle-class retail job, I enjoy crocheting projects that I never finish while listening to cool podcasts.


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