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UPDATE: Mailing List issue Fixed

January 16, 2020 in Website - No Comments

This post is just a quick heads up to anyone to attempted to join my mailing list after the the website relaunched. In my hastiness, I forgot to setup the optin widget have my form set up correctly. I noticed my gaffe and have corrected the error! If you signed…


December 9, 2019 in Writing

Seeking out writing prompts online infuriates me. I loathe them. They suck. They fail to inspire. So I head to another website and find another writing prompt, and SURPRISE, it also sucks. It never works out. One thing I loved about WAR was the mix of prompts tossed my way….

MIDNIGHT WHISPERS – A Grown-Ass V.C. Andrews Review

November 27, 2019 in Books, Review

We’re rolling along in the Cutler series. Midnight Whispers follows standard V.C. Andrews tradition, departing from Dawn’s narrative. Instead, we’re treated to a jam-packed book full of her daughter (and doppelganger) Christie. Will Christie live with the Cutler family curse, or is it all just sunshine and princess rainbows? Well,…

7 Reasons Why Skirts are Better than Pants

November 20, 2019 in Fashion, Lifestyle

Take one look at my Instagram profile and you’ll notice that I pretty much always wear skirts when I venture outdoors. On the rare occasion that I don pants, usually somebody points and shrieks, “YOU’RE WEARING PANTS!” as though I spend most of my days in my skivvies. Skirts are…

I'm Rebecca Jones-Howe, a neo-noir writer and author of the short story collection, VILE MEN. My work has been featured in [PANK], Pulp Modern and Punchnel's, among other magazines. This site houses my writing profile and my blog, which features posts on writing, fashion, lifestyle + more. Want more?


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