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My New (Writer) Normal

April 26, 2020 in Daily, Writing

Folks, I struggled after releasing my pandemic story, “Coping Mechanisms“. That story was my own coping mechanism for a bit. An escape. It kept me writing, in the “new normal”…

Quibi’s THE STRANGER Recap: Part 12

April 24, 2020 in Review

Here we are, friends, at Part 12 of Quibi’s The Stranger! This is the penultimate episode, where crazy things should happen. It should be wild. It should be the best…

Quibi’s THE STRANGER Recap: Part 10

April 22, 2020 in Review

I discovered today that Quibi’s The Stranger is actually 13 episodes long, which will extend this night-long horror into 7AM of whatever fictionalized version of a non-pandemic 2020 this is….

I'm Rebecca Jones-Howe, a neo-noir writer and author of the short story collection, VILE MEN. My work has been featured in [PANK], Pulp Modern and Punchnel's, among other magazines. This site houses my writing profile and my blog, which features posts on writing, fashion, lifestyle + more. Want more?


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