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A Retail-Worker’s Christmas Survival Guide: Vol 2

November 14, 2017 in Daily

Ever since I started working retail I have struggled with Christmas. At one point in time, Christmas was my favourite holiday. Presents were cool. As a Christian I think I put it up at #1 because I felt like I had to, December 25th being Jesus’ birthday and all, even…

Back In School

April 20, 2017 in Faith

I remember Columbine. I was 12. My dad had a subscription to TIME magazine and I used to flip through the issues whenever he wasn’t reading them. I read all about the major news stories in TIME. I kept the issues about Princess Diana’s death and about Mark McGuire’s and…

I’ve Entered the Dirty Thirties

January 9, 2017 in Lifestyle, Motherhood

For the last few months I’ve been excited about turning thirty. There’s something about growing out of a decade of life you’ve mentally drifted away from that feels satisfying. I haven’t exactly lived the standard life of a woman in her 20’s for a while. That pivotal moment of becoming…

Because It’s 2017

January 3, 2017 in Website

I chugged a Red Bull that my sister left in my fridge before I put Maggie down for a nap. For the first time I didn’t want to take a nap of my own, so I dealt with the dishwasher and the kitchen and tried to find some IKEA shelf…

Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?

October 3, 2016 in Writing

I was in Golden for my friend’s wedding at the end of August. The weather was cool and gloomy and wonderful, the perfect atmospheric fodder for getting back into a legitimate writing routine. Often I forget that it’s been about two years since I stopped writing on the regular. Sometimes…

Sharon Morris: My Spirit Mom

August 17, 2016 in Lifestyle, Motherhood

I’m just gonna get straight to this: Being a new mom was rough goings for me. I don’t know if I had any legit symptoms of PPD. I thought about it sometimes, but was convinced that things weren’t “that bad”. Of course the late nights and the aching tits and…

What A Lie, What A Life

July 28, 2016 in Lifestyle

One of the things that’s deterred me from “lifestyle blogging” is that need for perfection. Whenever I do make posts from my house or of my things, I typically shove all the clutter into one corner and fake myself a house that looks like the houses all the bloggers have….

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