Canada Day 2016

I worked on Canada Day, which in some ways sucked but in other ways was also great because I recently sold a reprint of my short story, “Tourist” and made pro rate bucks for the first time ever, and after getting those sweet writer funds sent to my PayPal account, I subsequently went round the online shops to take advantage of that post-Brexit exchange rate. I spent all of my writer dollars. I also spent maybe a fair chunk more of the regular sweat and tears retail job dollars.

So the extra money will be nice. I also had some time left after my shift to have dinner with my parents to take my kid out for some water park fun. I also figured that for once I’d start having some photos taken of me so I could share my pattern-mixed ensembles with the world. Side note: I recently had a co-worker tell me that I dress like Emilia Clarke’s character from Me Before You (minus the cotton-candy furry sweaters, because ugh), and I figured I’d stop being paranoid about how I look in pictures.

Luckily Canada Day was relatively mild for Kamloops, so I was able to don a flannel plaid shirt and floral skirt to evoke Canadian style without resorting to wearing that cheesy Canadian t-shirt I’ve never bothered to own.

I also made Caesar’s for my family this year, which was nice because we actually had celery salt in the pantry and all the right ingredients. There was something really special about making legit drinks and putting some real love into it. Makes me think that I might attempt to make other cocktails properly, instead of just mixing two-three parts gin and whatever juice I have on hand like I usually do.


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