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HEAVEN – A Grown-Ass V.C. Andrews Review

March 10, 2020 in Books, Review - No Comments

After finishing the Cutler series, I wanted to take a break from V.C. Andrews and try some old school lit. I read Lady Chatterley’s Lover, which was the longest drawl ofstrong-together sex scenes that have definitely not aged well through the years. (PRO TIP: Don’t reference the word “bowels” in…

DARKEST HOUR – A “Grown-Ass” V.C. Andrews Review

January 14, 2020 in Books, Review

Finally, we’re here at the end of the V.C. Andrews Cutler series. Let’s review Darkest Hour. We’ve endured the hardships of Dawn Cutler, forced ourselves to watch the curse continue with her daughter, Christie, and now we’re going back to the source of it all with Grandmother Cutler. Or rather,…

All the Books I Read in 2019

January 8, 2020 in Books

So this is a post that I always look forward to from Jules Archer, the good old compilation post of all the books one has read all year. Hopefully she won’t mind that I’m stealing it. Here are all the books I read in 2019. I gotta that that I’m…

MIDNIGHT WHISPERS – A Grown-Ass V.C. Andrews Review

November 27, 2019 in Books, Review

We’re rolling along in the Cutler series. Midnight Whispers follows standard V.C. Andrews tradition, departing from Dawn’s narrative. Instead, we’re treated to a jam-packed book full of her daughter (and doppelganger) Christie. Will Christie live with the Cutler family curse, or is it all just sunshine and princess rainbows? Well,…

FALLING STARS – A Grown-Ass V.C. Andrews Review

October 21, 2019 in Books, Review

Alas, I am here to review the final book in the Shooting Stars mini-series, Falling Stars. Cinnamon, Ice, Rose and Honey finally have a chance at fulfilling their dreams in the Senetsky School of Peforming Arts. While I can’t say that it’s exactly been a ride, I’m excited to delve…

HONEY: A Grown-Ass V.C. Andrews Review

October 17, 2019 in Books, Review

Here we are at the final individual novella in the Shooting Stars mini-series. These books have provided me with an easy escape from the tail-end of summer. Thus, I can admit that I’ve enjoyed hate-reading them. So let’s take one last deep-dive review into a hastily-plotted V.C. Andrews novel, Honey….

ROSE: A Grown-Ass V.C. Andrews Review

October 10, 2019 in Books, Review

We’re getting into the thick of the Shooting Stars mini-series, so if you haven’t checked out the first two books, Cinnamon and Ice, make sure you do! So let’s dive into my review of Rose, which promises a truer return to typical V.C. Andrews form. Here’s a look at the…

ICE: A Grown-Ass V.C. Andrews Review

September 25, 2019 in Books, Review

After reading Cinnamon, I can’t say that my expectations for the Shooting Stars mini-series were heightened any more than they were going in, but alas, considering that I got four of the five books in the series at the same thrift store (score!) for 50 cents a book, I basically…

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