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Summer Memory Songs

July 25, 2019 in Daily, Playlist

There’s a new playlist on my Spotify of songs I’ve listened to during previous summer. It’s a cool feature, but I’ve only been a Spotify subscriber for a couple of years. Unfortunately, the playlist was not an accurate representation of summer’s past. Summer nostalgia might be easy for today’s youth,…

Where the Hell Have I Been?: An Update

July 16, 2019 in Daily, Motherhood

Well, I was doing well for about a month there. Candidness is a hard thing to maintain on a regular basis, especially when I’m trying to balance said candidness between writing and parenting. Here’s what I was doing while I wasn’t here. I Was Finishing a Story I was working…

6 Things I Hate About Summer

June 18, 2019 in Daily, List

One of my least favourite times of the year is fast approaching. We’re already in the thick of it here in Kamloops B.C. Summer officially starts this Friday and today it’s gonna be 33 degrees (94.1 for you Americans). People usually shun me for hating summer, especially living in a…

The Golden Age of Teenage Blogging

August 2, 2018 in Daily, Website

Remember in the early 00’s when blogging was about all your teen angst bullshit? Remember when your blog was called “Life’s Garbage” and it was a place where maybe five strangers on the internet read about your bad day and you read their blogs and their bad days and you…

Vile Men Promo Cards

September 2, 2015 in Daily

In preparation for my first signing event, I’ve been working on some fancy “business cards” to promote VILE MEN, using the online printing service, MOO. I tested the card quality with a selection of 10 different quotes from the collection, and the results were great!

I'm Rebecca Jones-Howe, a neo-noir writer and author of the short story collection, VILE MEN. My work has been featured in [PANK], Pulp Modern and Punchnel's, among other magazines. This site houses my writing profile and my blog, which features posts on writing, fashion, lifestyle + more. Want more?


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