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Quarantine #momlife, Writer Style

March 29, 2020 in Daily, Motherhood - 4 Comments

Everyone’s talking about watching Tiger King and doing jigsaw puzzles and playing elaborate board games. I bet quarantine without kids is pretty great. Most days I don’t get a lot of joy because I split my time between my 5 year-old and my “almost-a-toddler” baby and my nightmare rectangle of…


March 18, 2020 in Daily, Rant - 1 Comment

My inbox is full of public coronavirus updates from every company I’ve ever looked at online. These updates talk about store closures or limited hours or extra sanitation practices. Others are pointless. Why is my webhost or my Internet or my phone company telling me about their COVID-19 regulations? I…

Why I Love Curling

March 4, 2020 in Daily

I’m not a sports fan. During the Olympics I’ll watch the final hockey games to ensure that Canada wins, but that’s about it. Being a hockey fan is kind of a big deal for a Canadian. You gotta love your hockey if you’re Canadian, when in fact our official sport…

Summer Memory Songs

July 25, 2019 in Daily

There’s a new playlist on my Spotify of songs I’ve listened to during previous summer. It’s a cool feature, but I’ve only been a Spotify subscriber for a couple of years. Unfortunately, the playlist was not an accurate representation of summer’s past. Summer nostalgia might be easy for today’s youth,…

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