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December 9, 2019 in Writing

Seeking out writing prompts online infuriates me. I loathe them. They suck. They fail to inspire. So I head to another website and find another writing prompt, and SURPRISE, it also sucks. It never works out. One thing I loved about WAR was the mix of prompts tossed my way….

5 Ways to Stop Hating Your Writing

October 7, 2019 in Writing

We’ve all been there, in that point of writing where we just can’t write another word. Why? Because the writing is bad, oh so bad, worth destroying, please get the fucking kerosene and burn this shit down I’m the worst writer in the universe please cancel. Clearly, by being here,…

Moodboard: Phantom Pains

May 23, 2019 in Moodboard, Writing

So I’m working on a new story. I teased it a little in my last post and I’m wary about saying much more. It’s kind of unwritten first rule as a writer to not talk about your WIP, the working title of which is “Phantom Pains”. It’s gonna be dark…

Building A Writer Platform

May 20, 2019 in Website, Writing

I know that I’m not the only writer who struggles with keeping a blog regularly updated. It shouldn’t be this hard. It’s writing. It’s what I do. Yet, here I am typing out this crap mere hours before the series finale of Game of Thrones. Oh, the pain of building…

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