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Friday Night Track: “White Keys” – Chilly Gonzales

March 10, 2017 in Daily

Hey, remember when I said I was going to blog once a week? Well clearly I didn’t stick true to that resolution, but have excuses and I still have other resolutions, so for the time being I’m posting a Friday Night Track. It’s also not even Friday night but it IS Friday morning so I’m not even messing up my post concept here. It’s all okay.

I like to mention Chilly Gonzales to people who want to listen to new music because 1. He’s Canadian, 2. He pretty much only ever plays in a bathrobe and slippers and his hair gets super sweaty and drips all over the piano, and 3. He’s pretty versatile. He does traditional solo piano as well as insane solo piano and also orchestral rap and also dance stuff and also has some 70’s-style pop album that I’ve never listened to because I’ve only heard horrible things about it. Also, 4. His concerts are AMAZING and you will go and learn so much about music and if you’re lucky he’ll pick you out of the audience and make you play the piano even if you don’t know how. There’s a little Chilly for everyone. I quite like the orchestral rap, but when it comes to writing, there’s nothing better than his solo piano stuff. Makes me feel sophisticated and also helps me write, because right now I should be writing and I’m writing here, which is writing but not the exact right kind of writing I should be doing right now.

Right now I should be editing my novel but I took a break to post and also watch this video because (little-known fact!) I have a major hand fetish and watching close-ups of people’s hands playing piano is just oh so amazing.

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