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Happy 2020: A New Look, My Patreon + More!

January 2, 2020 in Patreon, Website

I’m back , everyone! The holidays were meant for relaxation and family time, but I spent a bulk of it updating my website. As much as I loved my old theme, it was growing dated and the designer seemed to have gone defunct. It was also slow and lacking certain integration, so I bought me a new one.

Gone is the blog from my homepage. Now it’s a bit buried (which bums me out) but I’m an author first and a blogger second and this website needs a more professional feel to it.

First off, I’ve got my main menu on the very top and my writing menu beneath the site header. So yeah, feel free to buy VILE MEN even though I won’t make a penny off of it. Hopefully I’ll be able to whore out another book that I can actually profit from soon, but in the meantime…

My Patreon is Up!

Right now I only have two tiers. The $2 Tip Jar, and my $5 Side Hustle, which gives you access to my monthly exclusive short stories and Patron-only blog posts.

I’ll be wrapping up my maternity leave at the end of March and going back to my retail job, so I need to keep things simple. I have other tiers in mind, plus ideas for rewards that I would love to integrate, such as audio recordings of me reading my work, story critiques for writers.

Anything you would like to see? Let me know in the comments, please!

With my novel sitting in an agent’s “to-read” pile and my dedication building, I feel like I NEED to dedicate 2020 to the people who have followed this little career of mine. it’s been a long time since I’ve had a story published, so this year I’m publishing stories for the people who want them most.

January’s story, “Hostages” is ready! Join my Patron for $5 a month and get reading my modern gothic horror set in Whistler, British Columbia. Once you’ve joined, you’ll get access to the Patreon Exclusives portion of my website. You’ll be able to read the story online or download ebook versions to take on the go.

Like this post? With your support, I will have the opportunity to write more fiction, plus more creative blogs like this one. Support my work on Patreon and get yourself some nifty perks.

Rebecca is a neo-noir author from Kamloops, British Columbia. Her first collection of gritty short fiction, Vile Men was published by Dark House Press in 2015. She also writes about her writer lifestyle on her blog at

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