"He doesn't have a bed."

How do you promote a short story?

Usually people tune you out when you start talking about your own genius. Nobody likes to hear about the plot of a story before reading it. Excerpts are usually boring. Trailers are impossible because everything that happens does so through words.

So what’s a bottom-of-the-barrel writer to do?

Clearly the only real selling point of my writing is the sex. I’m not that innovative. The actual depth of my writing comes in its quality. I mean, you could get all hot and bothered reading 50 Shades of Grey, but after a while that just gets cheesy, and I hate the taste of cheese (in word form, at least).

So, clearly, hipster graphics are the answer. Sexy hipster graphics.

There are fifteen days until the release of the Nova Parade anthology. Until then, I’ll entice you with tropical stock photos, interlaced with hot excerpts from Blue Hawaii, a summer romance story that’ll make you wanna do some blow and hunt down ant’s nests just like you did when you were a kid.

I can’t sit still, and you shouldn’t either after this.

He doesn't have a bed.

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Rebecca is a neo-noir author from Kamloops, British Columbia. Her first collection of gritty short fiction, Vile Men was published by Dark House Press in 2015. She also writes about her writer lifestyle on her personal blog at rebeccajoneshowe.com