Not Writing, Renos, More Not Writing

I loved writing short stories because I could spend a couple weeks or a month at most on one small little world and a handful of characters and then leave. A one night’s stand’s worth of writing, really.

So now that I’ve got a collection out there, well, I’m having a difficult time committing to some hardcore novelling. Iv’e been rambling about getting a novel in the works for over a year now, and I’d argue that being a new mom had a lot to do with getting in the way, but now that I’ve got the hang of that and the hang of being back at work again, I’m spending nights awake until 3 AM watching videos on the US primaries and getting pretty much nothing done.

This past week I was doing renos, so I pretty much had my computer shut and my hands dirty with laminate dust and all that jizz/jazz. Half the time Jon and I argued about who was being more of a dick to the other. The worst of our renos was after we ripped up the carpet and the underlay and realized just how uneven the floors were in our dining area. It’s a true downside of owning a home that was previously owned by DIYers who also had no clue what they were really doing. Bound to do things right, though, we had my uncle come up and tell us that we had to level the floor with some self-levelling cement, which I’ve used when we were adding the suite to our basement, and that stuff is just a real pain to get the mixture just that right point of self-levelling, and then having to wait for it to friggin’ dry before you can even put in the real floor atop the mess.

Reno Week

Nevertheless, what I learned from that experience is that the key to successful DIY home renos is that you need a buffer helper to come in when the arguing is at its peak, which was what our friend John provided most times he came over in the middle of a spousal argument. The other half of renos was us and my sister and her husband having a pretty good time making jokes and putting up tarps and painting the ceiling and moving furniture back and forth and here and there and playing Tetris with it trying to just make some room to work in and IS THERE NOTHING WORSE THAN DOING RENOS ON A HOUSE YOU’RE CURRENTLY LIVING IN?!?!?!?!?!? Sometimes, when you’re stressed, a good workout helps, as my sister demonstrates:

So now that that’s somewhat over (we still gotta do them pesky baseboards and the floors in the kitchen, and a bit more painting in the kitchen, which I am completely over because I feel like I’ve been painting for an eternity now, and maybe, probably, most likely, the rest of the renos will be one of those projects we vow to finish at some point but never actually ever get to. Though now I have these beautiful teak-shaded laminate floors that I love and adore and make my furniture look fantastic and maybe one day I’ll even share some photos if I can ever clean up the laundry that I still have yet to get a handle on.

I’m at my computer at its home on the dining room table now, and the top is a disaster, and I’m drinking a cuppa tea and things are pretty much the same save for the fact that my muscles are aching like you wouldn’t believe. I was going to write but now I’m back to procrastinating with a bath like usual.

I started my first chapter over for like the 56th time last night and it’s coming together pretty good, so…

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