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Neo-noir author, Rebecca Jones-Howe

Hi, I’m Rebecca Jones-Howe!

I write neo-noir horror. My stories are sometimes gothic, sometimes erotic, sometimes criminal, but always minimalist and raw.
I also blog about writer life.

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, Costco employee Jamie endures a violent workplace incident, which tangles her into the calming control of her new coworker, Brendan.

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After two and a half years of interviewing hybristophiliacs on his Dear Murderer podcast, paranoid host Mitchell finds himself at odds with his growing fanbase.

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Vile Men

Vile Men is a collection of fourteen short stories that are transgressive in nature, filled with heart and emotion, leaving you sweaty and spent, your heart pounding in your chest. Stolen moments on the subway, fear of intimacy, sexual perversion and dark fears come home to roost all unite in a powerful mixture of literary fiction, contemporary fairy tales, and late night confessions. Shocking and yet touching, unnerving and yet brutally honest, Rebecca Jones-Howe is an emerging author that you’ll want to keep an eye on.


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