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DARKEST HOUR – A “Grown-Ass” V.C. Andrews Review

January 14, 2020 in Books, Review

Finally, we’re here at the end of the V.C. Andrews Cutler series. Let’s review Darkest Hour. We’ve endured the hardships of Dawn Cutler, forced ourselves to watch the curse continue with her daughter, Christie, and now we’re going back to the source of it all with Grandmother Cutler. Or rather,…

MIDNIGHT WHISPERS – A Grown-Ass V.C. Andrews Review

November 27, 2019 in Books, Review

We’re rolling along in the Cutler series. Midnight Whispers follows standard V.C. Andrews tradition, departing from Dawn’s narrative. Instead, we’re treated to a jam-packed book full of her daughter (and doppelganger) Christie Longchamp. Will Christie live with the Cutler family curse, or is it all just sunshine and princess rainbows?…

DAWN: A Grown-Ass V.C. Andrews Review

September 9, 2019 in Books, Review

A few weeks back I spent the day with the kids at my mom’s place for some nostalgia. We did some thrift store shopping just I did so frequently in my teens. This was the only V.C. Andrews book in the entire store, thankfully the first in a series, so…

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