"The Paper Bag Princess" at ManArchy Mag

Remember this meme? Well, recently it was the prompt of a friendly writer-battle I had with some folks over at LitReactor. Ridiculous prompts are the best kind of prompt because they’re pretty specific about what you have to write about, but you can still really go anywhere.

“The Paper Bag Princess” was loosely inspired by the Robert Munsch book of the same title. It was probably my least favourite Robert Munsch book because when I was a little girl I just wasn’t that into princesses with self-esteem. A good story to me back then was about a damsel-y chick that got saved by a handsome dude. It’s sad, but true. So really, this story is just me facing my demons.

Better now than never.

This story started with a honey badger shirt and ended up being about mocking hipsters. But it’s also a big “Fuck You” to societal beauty standards that build the crippling Jenga-tower of insecurity in all of us. I sent it over to ManArchy Mag and they accepted it right away, which is awesome, because I really dig what they do. There isn’t much more to say. Honestly, I tried to write about my process with writing this story, but I find it difficult to talk about “what I do” (ie. my “ART”) without sounding like a smug self-absorbed hipster. I’d rather you just read the story and get the impression first hand.

So without further rambling, click below:

The Paper Bag Princess

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