Here's Why I Haven't Been Updating

I don’t write much personal stuff on this blog, but if you’ve visited at all lately, you’ll have realized that I’ve been pretty shit that updating as per usual.

Well, it’s because of this:

Thing in my uterus.

I’m hoping this kind of life change won’t affect my writing all that much, because the last thing I really want is to start writing Twilight-inspired erotic fan-fiction like all the other writer-moms seem to.

Being a pregnant diabetic used to scare the shit out of me, because of all the complications that come along with parts of your body not working correctly. Thus far, however, things have been pretty smoothly and I didn’t spend the first trimester throwing myself up inside out like Kate Middleton, so I’d say that’s a sign that all is well.

I’ll keep you all updated but I promise you this won’t become a mom-blog.

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