Richard Thomas tells me that VILE MEN is 99% done. I spent the last week reading over the entire collection. It’s better than I remembered. I’m excited to put it out there, but also a bit nerve-wracked.

One of my biggest worries as a writer was letting people really see the stuff I write about. I’ve lived a bit of a double life in that regard. Bits and pieces have trickled out with the stories I’ve had published over the last couple years, but there’s some pretty dirty stuff mixed with the fresh pieces in VILE MEN. I won’t lie. I’m nerve-wracked about people (as in, the people who know me) reading it.

Nevertheless, I figured I’d make a list of the going’s on that I’ve failed to mention in the past few months.

– My story, “Ghost Story” was published at Revolt Daily.
– A flash fiction piece, “Dead Stars” was published at Solarcide.
– I was a guest on the Books and Booze podcast. In the episode, I talk about some of the stories in VILE MEN and complained a lot about not being able to drink (as I was still pregnant at the time).

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Rebecca is a neo-noir author from Kamloops, British Columbia. Her first collection of gritty short fiction, Vile Men was published by Dark House Press in 2015. She also writes about her writer lifestyle on her personal blog at