Seriously, Fuck November


It’s probably just the whole daylight savings curse of darkness, but November always beats the shit out of me. Like seriously destroys the caving walls that hold my soul together. It’s probably just because I’m a retail worker facing the impending doom of a first world capitalist Christmas, but November is basically that time of year where my sanity tries to hibernate from the threat of imploding on itself. It’s just one of those things I’ve learned to accept, is that come November I’m really not going to get any shit done.

The truth is that this November I applied for a job promotion I really wanted and then faced some immediate regrets about applying for said promotion and then faced some pretty horrible dread about what the future meant regarding said job promotion. The truth is that once US Thanksgiving comes and goes and I give way and spend probably way too much money on early online Black Friday sales that I feel just a bit better.

Also, the job isn’t going so bad and now I work mostly early shifts, which is all I ever really wanted in life, was a little damn reliability.

I also FINALLY finished the story I was so excited about starting on my third wedding anniversary (which was on fucking October 16th, mind you), so I’m actually feeling pretty proper now. Typically when it comes to writing stories I like to build myself little playlists to listen to while I’m writing them. The problem is that I usually don’t come up with the right tracks to add to the story playlist until I’ve slaved in agony over a couple shit drafts. The fact that the shit drafts I wrote of my current WIP (“work in progress” for you rookies) were so agonizing to go over made the creation of the following playlist feel like some kind of mental orgasm that was so amazing it kept me up until midnight with endorphin rush of FINALLY FUCKING FINISHING SOMETHING AT LONG LAST!

For real, though, this playlist is like, the epitome of greatness. Just listen to it and feel the impact of my musical tastes. And maybe guess what my story might possibly be about.

Rabbit Hearts and Trophy Wives by Rebecca Jones on Grooveshark

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