"I have work, then a dinner thing, and then I am busy trying to become who I am."

I haven’t been up to much as of late, other than working until my eyes cry and waiting for rejection slips to come back (most recently from Birkensnake and LampLight magazines, which I will submit to again because I’m such a masochist!) so I can cry some more, maybe even over a bottle of wine (if I’m lucky enough to have one lying around…)

Really, though, things haven’t been all THAT bad, so here’s a little vanity to at least make this website seem the least bit current. Recently I purchased myself the Deborah Lippmann “GIRLS” nail polish collection (you know, like, based off the hit HBO show) from my off-price retail workplace, because we got it in and it was half the price off the website.

I don’t always bother all that much with my nails because [A] I don’t really do the whole salon thing, [B] I work in a warehouse and my nails break just as fast as they grow out, and [C] Doing them myself is a massive endeavor that consists of sweatpants and having to do something that requires a lot of hand use RIGHT AFTER I’ve done that third coat plus topcoat over a bunch of other coats that hadn’t actually dried yet.

Nevertheless, after painting on a couple coats of Hannah Horvath’s signature “Hapless Hunter Green” shade, I then proceeded to make dinner by peeling potatoes and defrosting chicken and cutting a bunch of other vegetables and my nails survived, so that’s kind of a bonus. I’d even go so far as to say that this set is totally worth the original asking price of $45. I even did an accent nail with some China Glaze “Golden Enchantment”, which I figured I’d probably mention only because all those trendy nail polish blogs do. And this wouldn’t be a true nail polish post if I didn’t post the official-looking photo with the bottle, so here you go:

Hannah Horvath Nails

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