And So Continues the Tradition of Late Updates…

I was gonna make a New Year’s post but that didn’t happen. Yesterday I was gonna make a post about turning 27 but then I had to clean the house before all my party guests came over and, well, that didn’t happen either. It’s okay, though, because I never really made any resolutions about making more periodic updates on my website. All I wanted was to stop drinking on weeknights, which didn’t really happen last night, but come on, it was my birthday.

That all said and updated, I can finally write a real update with some real shit. 2014 is gonna be madhouse great because:

1. The New Black, which you can now pre-order on Amazon.

2. I finally, FINALLY had a story accepted at PANK, which was a welcome Christmas Eve miracle. Not only was it an acceptance, but it was an acceptance for their print edition, which comes out sometime in mid-2014. I’ll obviously make a late update when I DO find more news, but in the meantime, I’ll just share this sexy hipster graphic excerpt:


3. Imma gonna finish mah short story collection, which is gonna be so ballin’ you just don’t even know.

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